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When the old world doesn’t fit anymore, it’s time to sail away. The voice of Ararat heard from the radio encourage you to reach the new land.

Will you get to Ararat? 

Does Ararat really exist?

Take control of a steampunk airship, flying it forward as far as your fuel tank takes you. While tending to its mechanical needs, feel the sense of open-ended journey, alone with your vehicle. 

The constant movement forward while optimizing fuel consumption and attending wind changes are the key mechanics of the gameplay.

Once the old world is left behind, the endless skies opens up.

Game mechanics

This game was developed as a final project during the Game Design and Development course in Mentor College, Israel.

Yonatan Hayon | Art, Animation, Game design
Amit Netanel | Programming
Hadar Bar-David | Game design, UI, Branding
Stav Goldstein | Narrative

Mor Sedero | Music, Sound Design
Sahar Moyal, Ori Berco | My hometown
Kai Livermore, Johnathan Hadjez | Feliz
Nnez Inn | French Song
Oshri Biton, Coral Oulu, Omer Yihye, David Frider, Omer Kurchi | Come Back Home - Moonshine 

StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorsAraratFM, Amit Netanel
Tagsartgame, Casual, mobile, Relaxing, Singleplayer, Unity


AraratFM-1.4.apk 107 MB


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I loved this game, but for anyone who wants to sink as many hours as I did into the game to answer the two bold questions (as I did) here are the answers.

Will you get to Ararat?

No. The game has no ending. Reach 99,999 and it loops to 00000. After reaching ~62,000 you cannot land, so even if Ararat is beneath you, you still cannot get to it.

Does Ararat even exist?

I suppose this one will forever be a mystery.

You should play this game, just don't play for as long as I did. Give it a try, the journey is the best part.